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There are so many benefits to learning a second language for both children and adults. Children who study foreign languages score better in maths, reading and vocabulary and become skilled listeners. For adults, research has shown that learning a language strengthens the ‘mental muscle’ related to memory and retention, which staves off alzheimers and dementia!


With Italian being the most beautiful language you could learn, provaci e vedrai! Give it a try!


Our classes are categorised into three age groups:

  • Ninna Nanna – A wonderfully stimulating yet gentle session for parents and babies aged between 0 and 3 years. Mums and dads learn some basic Italian while their little ‘tesoro’ has fun!
  • Ragazzi – Teaching your Primary School age child Italian vocabulary, grammar and culture through fun songs, games and ‘racconti’ (stories).
  • Adulti – Progressive and interactive conversational Italian courses to enable you to shine on your next trip!


We also provide Private Tuition which can be offered at your home (to individuals or groups of all ages)